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No Cost 2 U opportunities

Amazon Smile

Amazon Shoppers did you know that the Center could receive a donation for a portion of your purchase on Amazon? It's easy and no cost to you! Log in to your Amazon Account, search for Amazon Smile and select the Bay View Community Center.  Here is a link to the Bay View Community Center Amazon Smile page.

i-Give Button

Do you Shop On-line? Make your purchase count by adding the i-Give button to your computer, laptop, iPad or smart phone. For every i-Give retailer you purchase from, the Center receives a % of your purchase. Just go to www.iGive.com/bvcc & www.iSearchiGive.com/bvcc

Recycle your Printer Cartridges, Cell Phones, Ipods, tablets, etc.

We receive cash for sending these items to our recyclers.

Paper Grocery Bags

Have a collection of these bags lying around in your home? We use these items to pack the Food Pantry bags for individuals in need. We are always very much in need of the Paper Grocery bags.