Family Learning & Engagement Lab

“Our Family Learning & Engagement Lab emphasizes both learning as a family and learning how to be an effective family.”

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Fearless Parenting Using Love & Logic Techniques


Each piece of our foundational programming builds off of one another, providing families opportunities to learn skills and the space to practice these skills in a number of different themed classes, take and make kits, targeted playgroups and customized workshops.

The Bay View Community Center and the Family Learning & Engagement Lab occupy a nebulous space around and in between the K-12 education system, social services agencies, clinical settings, and childcare providers, we are uniquely poised to provide families with supplemental preventative programming meant to complement existing systems by serving as a convener of resources, a facilitator of parental engagement and relationship development, and an advocate for effective family communication.

By laying the foundation of engagement and effective communication with young families, we seek to increase their potential for continued engagement once children reach school age and create a culture of engagement that lasts throughout the lifespan. Strong families build strong neighborhoods and strong neighborhoods build strong cities.

Core principles within our Foundational Programming include building healthy developmental relationships, practicing effective communication, enhancing self-esteem and self-efficacy, committing to justice and equity, and fostering positive connections with the community as a path to family strength and resilience.

Modeled on SEARCH Institute’s Developmental Assets for strong families and the Wisconsin Child Abuse and Prevention Board’s Five for Families, and guided by the National Association of Family Relations code of ethics and the principles set forth by the National Parenting Education Network, we take a strength based and inclusive approach to empowering and supporting all families. As members of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities we are committed to equitable health and well-being, economic opportunity, educational success and safety & resilience.

We look forward to building a strong community with you!

Cassie Capriotti, Program Director